Village Hall

The original village hall, or ‘Reading Room’ was presented to the village of Eversholt by the Duke of Bedford in 1913. The corrugated iron and timber building was destroyed by fire in September 1984.

Following the destruction of the old reading room it was decided to build a replacement hall. The old site was sold including a small area used as a car park which was donated by local resident Charles Williams. The proceeds from the sale plus grants enabled a new hall to be built without any financial support from the community. It was erected on the recreation ground which belonged to the Parish Council.

The new hall, which was built using reclaimed tiles and bricks to help it blend into the village, was built with a considerable amount of volunteer help and opened on the 24th June 1989.

The hall, which is used for a variety of activities including events and wedding receptions, formed the centre piece for a night of celebration on Millennium Eve. The hall, which boasts a new mosaic of the village (right) to commemorate the start of the new millennium, saw members of the village gather to welcome in the 21st century.

The Eversholt Parish Map mosaic measures approximately 3m x 3m and depicts the parish surrounded by a complex floral border with local wildlife. The design, by Wallscapes artist Gary Drostle, was selected after design workshops and extensive community consultation. The design shows the natural and historical heritage of the village and celebrates its passage into the next millennium.

The mosaic has been made entirely by hand in ceramic and glass, every tile has been carefully cut and placed, some just a few millimetres across. The whole project has been designed and constructed as a community project, with the help of the villagers, Eversholt School and Wallscapes mosaic artists Gary and Rob Turner.

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