The Eversholt Parochial Charity


The roots of our village charity are almost buried by time. The scheme was formally registered with the Charity Commissioners in 1882, but its antecedents are known to date back for at least 250 years. Various parcels of local land were acquired by the Trustees, who used the income from the land to fund the local school and assist those in need. The scheme has been revised from time to time, but always within the broad principles which were established in the original deed. Download the Charity Commission Orders (PDF)

Sources of Income

The Charity continues to derive the majority of its income from the rents received from its properties, which include The Green Man Public House, Town Farm, Town Farmhouse, four cottages and various parcels of land in the village.

Who administers the Scheme?

The Trustees, who are appointed in accordance with the rules of the Charity. Some are nominated by local bodies such as the Parish Council and the Parochial Church Council. The Rector is always one of the Trustees and others are chosen by reference to their local knowledge and experience.

The current Trustees are Julie Todd (Chair), James Nott (Vice-Chair), Anna Blomfield, Simon Collier, Catherine Pougher, Mike Hood, Carolyn Howell, Nathalie Muller, Rev. Steve Nuth, Pat Richardson, Robin Smith and Steven Smith. All of the trustees are open to answer questions and receive feedback about the charity.

Where does the money go?

Naturally the properties must be properly maintained, and lettings managed, but the annual net income is distributed for the benefit of the villagers. At the end of the financial year the income is divided into three equal shares, known as ‘the Thirds’:

The Church Third, for the upkeep and maintenance of the village church of St. John the Baptist; it is paid directly to the church.

The Poor’s Third, which in recent times has come to be divided between the village pensioners. Payments are made to people aged 65 and over who are residents of Eversholt, and are made in November from a list held by the Clerk (one payment only per household for couples). The Trustees/Clerk are always keen to hear from anyone who feels they (or anyone known to them) should be included, but who is not on the list of recipients. Pensioners not in need of their annual award are invited to elect to give their contribution towards the other areas of need in the village. The Trustees are considering, when resources are available, to broaden the usage of the Poor’s third so as to support other facets of the village where there is a financial need.

The Educational and Village Third, which is for the general benefit of the school and villagers, and has traditionally been used to enhance village educational facilities, and for payments to younger members of the village in education. The Trustees have recently decided to modify the distribution of the ‘awards’ for children and students. The current arrangements are as follows:

Standard Awards
Standard Awards are to enable all children of 5 and over, and under 18 (by 31 December) to save towards their future education, or a personal ambition. To qualify they need to be residents of Eversholt since January of the year of the award. The awards (for the prior year) are distributed in September (the exact date is announced on the village notice boards and in the School; a notice in ‘About Eversholt’ is usually posted) and are usually issued in person to children and parents, at the Village Hall; or by application to the Charity’s clerk if personal attendance was not possible. The Trustees/Clerk are always keen to hear from anyone who feels that they (or anyone known to them) should be included for an award but who is not on the list of recipients.
Further education awards
Further education awards are more financially substantial, and are for Eversholt residents between 18 and 21 years old, in university, higher education or vocational training. These awards are not issued ‘automatically’, and potential recipients need to write to the Charity clerk outlying their current educational circumstances, (or apply using the application form which is available from the Clerk) before 31st August each year.The amount paid for the ‘standard’ and ‘further educational’ award varies from year to year, and will reflect the size of the ‘third’, other qualifying demands, and the number of recipients in that year.
Educational training awards
Educational training awards are available for any Eversholt resident in vocational or career oriented training/aspiration (but not those that are funded by employer) or in higher education. There is no age limit. The amount awarded would generally be reasonably substantial, but would reflect the circumstances of the applicant, and of the charity. Application should be made using the form available (by post, or electronically) from the Clerk, and need to be submitted by 31 August. Applicants should be prepared to be interviewed and make a presentation to Trustees, who will consider all applications in a competitive light.
The Trustees have some discretion to consider assistance for small projects that would be of general benefit to the village. A letter to the Clerk will ensure that such ideas are considered.


For any questions, please contact the Charity via the clerk, Lauren Turner email:

The Eversholt Parochial Charity is registered under charity number 200693

Can you help?

Because the Charity distributes its income, it can only increase its help to the village by enlarging its assets. If you want to help the charity help the people in Eversholt, please consider a donation of money, or perhaps even property. You may even wish to remember the charity in your will, leaving a lasting benefit to the whole village. Please contact the clerk or any of the trustees, we will happily discuss any questions you may have.