Eversholt Tennis Club


Eversholt Tennis Club was started in 1992. It is a members club, open to residents of Eversholt and the surrounding villages. The court’s location can be found behind Eversholt Village Hall and Swimming Pool as seen on the Pool section’s aerial photograph.

Membership allows free use of Eversholt Tennis Court. The club is a not for profit member club maintained by the membership and a small committee.

The ongoing upkeep of the court, insurance, and any major maintenance (such as relaying the court in 2014) is paid for out of the membership fees, so membership is critical in maintaining this lovely village facility.

By becoming a member, you will be able to book the court any time of the day via the Eversholt Tennis Club website rather than via the Swimming Pool. You will be able to book 1 week in advance of the date of play.

As always, during the summer months non-members may play by paying £5 and borrowing a key from the Swimming Pool kiosk, but only if there are no members booked to play within the next hour.

For further information please visit the Eversholt Tennis Club website

https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/EversholtTennisClub  or send us an email with any requests to eversholttennis@gmail.com