Suspension of garden waste collection, 4 December 2017 until 2 March 2018

Between Monday, 4 December 2017 until Friday 2, March 2018 inclusive, kerbside collection of household garden waste will be suspended across Central Bedfordshire over the winter months.

Your last collection date

If you are not sure of your last collection day, you can check which date affects your road on our bin collections page (your road’s bin collection calendar can be found at the end of the appropriate PDF file. There are two calendars, so please check your road’s calendar number in the PDF).

  • calendar 1 – last collection will be during the week commencing Monday 27 November
  • calendar 2 – last collection will be during the week commencing Monday 20 November

Why is the garden waste collection suspended?

The decision to stop the kerbside collection service during the quietest time of the year for garden waste was made as part of our financial planning process and comes as a result of government funding cuts. Council tax alone doesn’t raise enough to cover all the services the council provides, and so we focus on delivering services that meet the periods of high demand, in this case restricting garden waste collections to during the growing season. During this period up to 80% less garden waste is collected: if we don’t suspend the service then collection vehicles will still visit properties, incurring the associated costs to taxpayers.

During the suspension, garden waste can still be recycled at our recently improved household waste recycling centres (tidy tips). Alternatively, residents with enough space in their gardens are encouraged to compost at home. All Central Bedfordshire residents are eligible for a discount on compost bins and accessories under our scheme to encourage composting.

Christmas trees

Recycle real Christmas trees: From Monday, 8 January to Friday, 19 January 2018 residents will be able to recycle their real Christmas tree by placing it next to their recycling bin on their scheduled waste collection day. Tree segments should be no taller than 5ft and have trunks no greater than 3in in diameter. The council will not be collecting any other garden waste during this period. Residents will also be able to dispose of their real Christmas tree at their local household waste recycling centre.

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