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Broadband update

There is a special Parish Council meeting 6 December to discuss an upcoming opportunity around the upgrade of the village broadband.  This meeting will include the third party supplier who will be delivering this work, Gigaclear.    Details of this meeting will be added here as soon as they are known.

Until then please find below some information provided by the company for information on the plans.

About Gigaclear

Matthew Hare, Chief Executive and founder, started the company in December 2010, aiming to deliver brilliant broadband to rural areas that were crying out for something better. Our busiGigaclearness model was and is to build and operate new ultrafast, pure Fibre – to – the Premises (FTTP) broadband networks in rural communities where the existing fixed network infrastructure underperforms.

Our aim is to deliver communities, who have been disadvantaged by other broadband providers, a future – proof solution that will keep residents and businesses ahead in this forever advancing time. Using FTTP technology, properties served by Gigaclear in rural parts of the UK can experience speeds of up to 1Gbps, up to 33 times faster than the UK average. Once built, the future proof network can keep up with the increasing demand for better, faster broadband to meet the connection needs of a modern, digital society.

Gigaclear offers a reliable, pure fibre alternative to copper. Firstly, operating fibre networks is significantly less expensive than copper, there is less that can go wrong from a maintenance perspective and a single fibre infrastructure can serve every type of fixed network application. Secondly, it moves the UK to a position where information is always available to everyone. The flow of information and the ability it gives people to work, play, communicate and entertain themselves, whenever and wherever they want, will have a hugely beneficial impact on society and the economy in the future.

Plans and provisions for Ridgmont, Eversholt, and Woburn

Monday 28 th 2016, we will begin our works initially in Ridgmont. The following Monday,5 th December we will begin our works in both Eversholt and Woburn. Our initial delivery is to place a plinth where our cabinets will stand, in each community, after this we will then ‘drop’ our cabinets. When Central Bedfordshire Council has given us approval, we will then begin works on the Closes in selected areas. PLEASE NOTE: We will not be doing any major constructing until January 2017, to avoid disruption of busy areas, and High Streets. We will not be impeding on or causing any aggregation toward traders during this busy Christmas period. There will be no major construction, traffic lights, mole ploughing, digging up of soft verges until the busy Christmas period has ended. We expect to be rolling out the major construction as stated above; January 2016.

Marketing and Community Engagement

As we begin rolling out our marketing and community engagement strategy, our first initial communication is to meet with both the parish council members and the district council.

Now that we have spoken with you about our plans for the very near future, it is our priority to communicate these plans with the other residents and businesses in the community. On behalf of Gigaclear, a letter to every resident and business will be posted by mail explaining the details of our plans and what to expect during the time that we are in the community. We are in the process of these letters now, and we hope they will arrive prior to our ‘dropping’ of the cabinets. Our contractors who will be carrying out the works, will also provide a letter through to each household stating our plans and rollout.

We urge residents to register with us on our website, so that they will be able to receive regular network updates from Gigaclear stating expectation dates, current plans and of course detailing any delays that may surface.

Moving forward with the marketing and community engagement process, we will be looking to get in touch with local parish magazines or publications where we can advertise, and we hope to send out posters and/or banners that will be displayed in the communities to assist with raising brand awareness.

As a business that prides itself on benefiting communities, we look forward to hearing about any opportunities that we could take part in i.e. village markets, trade shows, village events, pub appearances or drop ins, and sponsorship opportunities.

Woburn project overview – download a PDF showing maps of the work.

Important links

As mentioned above, we urge residents and businesses to register interest with us to be kept regularly informed. Below are listed some important links that we hope you will share with your respective members, neighbours and friends.

Register interest here:

Case studies and testimonials from our customers:

Home service packages: products/for-home/

Business service packages: products/for-business/

Help and support where you will find answers to FAQs: support/


Gigaclear plc is registered in England and Wales, company number 07476617  Registered Office: Woburn project overviewWindrush Court, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1SY  t: 01865 591100 e: w:

Please note that until the end of November, we are currently running a Christmas Campaign. For those who sign up before the 30 th of November will be entered in our 12 Days of Christmas prize draw – where they will be given the chance to win 1 of 12 prizes in December. If you know of anyone who would like to order now, please ask them to quote reference SANTA05. offer-to- new-customers/

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